The Jersey Series

"Sometimes all it takes is one childhood trauma to change the trajectory of a person's life."
-AJ Writer

Artwork by Nicholle Kobi


Meet Jersey. This 30-something natural-haired beauty is full of life and creativity. Life hasn’t been easy for her, but she has been able to adjust and establish herself as a successful productive member of society. Her friends love and adore her and life is opening up so many doors for her in regards to her career goals. The single life, however, is beginning to take a toll on her mentally and spiritually.

Jersey has had trouble with men her entire life and she can’t understand why. Depression and the need to feel accepted and loved by men has shaped the way she views love and how she operates in relationships. The overwhelming pileup of failed situationships has caused her to experience a mental breakdown that could cause her to lose her dream career and everything she has worked extremely hard to obtain. To make matters worse, her good friend and the man who could be her God-sent is getting fed up with watching her give herself to men that only want to use her for her physical attributes.

Jersey’s love life is told through a series of short stories that highlight many of the issues black women face when dating. Her story, while mostly fictitious, is sure to open the eyes of women of all ages and backgrounds and inspire them to take care of their mental health. And learn who they currently are while growing into who they were created to be.