Kindred Spirits


He called for me, as if we weren’t both laying side by side on the vibrant green grass along a babbling streaming brook, staring up at the bright blue sky. He passed me a joint and I inhaled it deeply. Gazing at the warm sky, I couldn’t help but to chuckle. The sky seemed to also be smoking a joint, as the clouds resembled puffs of smoke.
I giggled uncontrollably.
“Sapphire.”  He called again.
He turned his thin lanky body over to his side and commenced using his smooth wide espresso-toned nose to nestle his way past my braids to find my neck, all the while using his long arms to cuff my waist in a tight grip.
“Hmm?” I answered without opening my mouth, not wanting to release the smoke I was holding inside.
“I love you.” He planted a wet kiss on my round cheek.
“And I, you, Amethyst.”
Carefully holding the joint between my left index finger and thumb, I rolled my pudgy cinnamon colored frame to my right to face my beautiful kindred spirit.
Our lips interlocked.
Our tongues played a quick game of tag.
I giggled, ending the tease.
Taking one last puff before snuffing out the joint and laying it beside me on the grass, I gave my twin flame my undivided attention. Running my short fingers through the manifestation of patience that was Amethyst’s long dark locs, the hummingbirds in the distance serenaded us with a beautiful love song.
Amethyst kissed a delicate spot on my shoulder. “Promise you’ll never leave me, babe.”
My right hand grabbed his left hand and our fingers intertwined, the sapphire stones on his wedding band exposed; a reminder of the vows we had spoken in the presence of only our immediate family and close friends two summers ago, in Honolulu. We both stared intensely at the beautiful embrace of his expresso-colored fingers between my own cinnamon-toned skin.
“Til death do us part, baby.” I said.
“I mean it. Even after death. Promise we’ll find each other always and fall in love all over again.” He requested softly.
I chuckled bashfully although my heart felt like it had just melted into a large rippled puddle of love.
“I promise.” I vowed as our lips connected for an encore.
*  *  *  *
“Excuse me queen, don’t I know you from somewhere?”
I crinkled my nose as if I had just stepped on a pile of dog shit. Why was this average-lookin’ dude trying to talk to me? I felt offended that he even thought that he had a chance with me.
Giving him another once-over, it was clear that we were definitely NOT in the same league. For one, he was shorter than my slender five foot nine frame. Not only was he rocking some tired-looking old-school braids, but compared to my designer clothing, he looked like a straight-up bum in his off-brand clothes. Did I mention that he was overweight? Short and overweight were definitely a bad combination. Him standing in my presence attempting to get my digits was just an overall bad look for me, period. There was no way that he was in his right mind when he had decided to walk from the other side of the gift shop to try to get my number. Who does that?
Secondly, we were at Walt Disney World for chrissake! More than likely, we were both tourists and lived in completely different states. I wasn’t even attracted to him anyway, so even if we had lived in the same city, it wouldn’t have even mattered. The sight of him repulsed me.
I glanced around the gift shop to see who the hell he had come in with. I wanted to see who had encouraged this fool and puffed him up enough to believe that he actually had a shot with me?
I sighed. “Sorry, but I gotta man.” I lied, giving myself a pat on the back for being nice enough to shoot him a phony smile.
He pushed his fat stubby nubs for fingers into his oversized jean pockets and looked down, obviously disappointed.
Just as he was about to finally turn to leave from my presence, he pointed at the amethyst necklace around my neck. “Look at that, we have matching chains.”
Out of habit, my thumb and index fingers rubbed over the purple amethyst stone hanging from an 18 karate roped-style chain.
“See? Look at mine.” He pulled out a cheap looking thin linked chain hiding underneath his dated Chicago Bulls jersey. What was he talking about?
Our necklaces look nothing alike, I thought, as he held up a sapphire ring dangling on the cheap chain around his neck.

I was suddenly overcome with a sense of deja-vu; an eery feeling of familiarity washing over me, as if I’d known this man from somewhere.
It frightened me.
“It’s a sapphire.” He stated.
“I know what it is.” I said, this time letting my annoyance festering inside, out on full display.
“I’m Aaron. What’s your name?” He extended a chubby hand towards me.
Feeling like this conversation had went way over its time limit, I looked around the large gift shop.  “I gotta go. My boyfriend is waiting for me outside.” I lied again, leaving the groundhog standing by the shelves of Disney movies.
An underlying feeling of sadness caught me by surprise as I laughed to myself. At the age of 29, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had a real boyfriend. One who I had actually felt a real connection with. In fact, I don’t think I had ever had that; but nevertheless, I was still hopeful.

I knew one day I would run into my kindred spirit.


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