5 Reasons to Become a Writer

Writing is a tough yet fulfilling job. There are innumerable reasons to become a writer. It takes a strong will and a desire, but if you know your motivations and purpose you will definitely succeed. Let's take a look at 5 reasons why becoming a writer is the thing to do.

1. You have a story to tell.

Some of us have led very interesting lives. While your days may not have been filled with roses and smiles there are many people out there who could benefit from your experiences. Not everyone wants to seek help or guidance from other and your writing could help others feel alive. Giving others a glimpse into your life could help them create their own stories.

 2. Earn income with your writing.

Everyone loves a good story. There is always someone who needs or wants to hear what you have to say and will be willing to pay you for it. Many companies will pay you to be their "electronic voice". We are living in the digital age and the best way to reach the masses of by being able to captivate them with words...online!

3. Bring your wildest fantasies to life.

Do you remember that time when you were young and wanted to be unicorn or wanted to be just life Laura Croft in Tomb Raider? Well, life didn't quite pan out that way, did it? The greatest part about writing it that you can be ANYTHING you want to! You can also tell your own story without the world knowing that you weren't always that sweet innocent person you are today.

4. You're not a social person.

If you've always been a socially awkward person writing is definitely the profession for you. There may be an occasional meeting if you're a freelance writer, but you can definitely communicate with others online. The world can still get to know you without having to see your face. Most people aren't satisfied with the unknown. Mystery is always interesting and not showing yourself to the world could draw readers in by their need to know. 

4. There's nothing else you'd rather do.

Your next big story or poem consumes your mind for most of the day from the time you roll out of bed in the morning til you crawl back under the covers at night. It seems as though life doesn't make sense if you aren't writing. The anxious feeling you experience after each word if you're heart telling you that you've found your passion. Feed that passion and it will fill you immensely.


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