Composition de L'amour

Two Suns by Justin Copeland

Artwork by Justin Copeland - Two Suns

Composition de L'amour

An original piece by AJ Writer

My heart skipped a beat as it danced to the rhythm of his broken composition. Broken by the pain of his past, of love lost in incomplete incoherent sounds of sweet nothings and abstract promises. I want nothing more than to pick up those pieces and place them amongst the whole notes of my heart on a blank sheet of opportunity. Let's create beautiful music together. The melodic exoticism connected my Queen with his King as we peacefully grazed on the far-off land of our past while holding hands as we enjoyed the blessing of our creator to begin that which is anew. We are ever so blessed with never-ending eternity. How strophic this love as each tune repeats, causing our love to float through time and space? The sweet sound of my treble clashes with the deep hard stroke of the bass that exudes from my King causing a dissonance that only our creator can put to rest by noting that it is our calling - to love endlessly & tirelessly as if we know of nothing else. Oh my love, how dreadful a sky without the stars. As am I nothing without the beat of your drum and the caress of your might. I am yours and you are mine. Allow your heart to bleed on my blank pages as our hearts intertwine and form a Composition of Love.



Justin is a Baltimore based artist who specializes in uniquely stunning portraits of Black/African American women. His work expresses black beauty and promotes self-love and inner growth. Please visit Justin's site to view and order one/some of his stunning pieces and support a black-owned business.


  1. First, as an art collector, that artwork is gorgeous.

    The written art is swoon-worthy. I immediately thought of Song of Solomon for some reason upon reading. I absolutely love it. What would have made it even more perfect is if this had been published on Valentine's Day.