Kindred Spirits


He called for me, as if we weren’t both laying side by side on the vibrant green grass along a babbling streaming brook, staring up at the bright blue sky. He passed me a joint and I inhaled it deeply. Gazing at the warm sky, I couldn’t help but to chuckle. The sky seemed to also be smoking a joint, as the clouds resembled puffs of smoke.
I giggled uncontrollably.


By Bien-Aime Wenda
Sleeping Giants


“Davis, wake up, we have a problem.”
The young reptilian elite prodded Davis, the older reptilian snoring besides him. The younger reptilian’s green eyes were widened in fear the entire time. They were both seated inside of the highly secured Central Intelligence Control Room in front of a dozen or so small monitors, switches and buttons. It was only the elites and their families who had regular access to the dome-shaped underground facility.


By Justin Copeland
Artwork by Justin Copeland

"The self-doubt has been heavy lately, but I found that the remedy is to keep using the gift you were given. Continue to kill that ego and grow with me. Much love." 


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The Dark Days of Him

The Dark Days of Him
Artwork by Erica Roldan

I took his beating heart

drowned it in mindless sorrows,

raised the echoes

of its dead pulse,