Sun & Moon

The yellow sun kisses the lavender mountains. Over the horizon in the glowing hues of daybreak falling Moon sheds a tear. His time is up, for now. Sun smiles at him and evaporates his tears. Sometimes I hate to see Moon leave. He gives light to my lifeless lonely nights & gives me hope during the silence. It seems as though Moon likes to watch me cry. He illuminates the small puddles on my pillow. Last night Moon seemed to be even brighter. I saw the reflection of my swollen red eyes in those puddles. I'm so happy to see Sun this morning. I rolled over & the puddles were gone. I smiled at sun & thanked him. Sun & Moon are my two greatest friends.

This beautiful artwork is by Oueso. Click on the art to visit his site and purchase a piece.


In agony, she sits and tries to listen to her heart beat...nothing. She places her hand across her chest to feel it's rhythm...still nothing. She's confused. How can this be? Just yesterday she could hear it with ease. It could be heard from miles away. The melody could soothe every hindered spirit spirit and wipe every tear away. Her face isn't wet. She hasn't been crying. Is this hide & seek? Where could it be hiding? She stumbles across the room and as she passes the mirror her bewildered expression is exposed. She can't figure out where the pain is coming from. Her whole body is trembling...