In agony, she sits and tries to listen to her heart beat...nothing. She places her hand across her chest to feel it's rhythm...still nothing. She's confused. How can this be? Just yesterday she could hear it with ease. It could be heard from miles away. The melody could soothe every hindered spirit spirit and wipe every tear away. Her face isn't wet. She hasn't been crying. Is this hide & seek? Where could it be hiding? She stumbles across the room and as she passes the mirror her bewildered expression is exposed. She can't figure out where the pain is coming from. Her whole body is trembling... Her mind has gone blank. She falls down on her knees trying so hard to think. It's not under the table or beneath the floor boards. It HAS to be here. Can't be far she's sure. As she picks herself up to search the rest of the house the pain shoots down her legs and she falls to the couch. Her chest is now clenched between her fingers...she welps. She MUST find her heart or be destined for death. She crawls on all fours and screams with each stride. Her tears become puddles as they fall by her side. "Lord, have I lost it"? She can't quite remember. Her phone rings and as she listens to the ring tone it instantly hits her. She pauses, and trembles with fear... 

They met a few months back and his beauty captured her attention. The song of his spirit led her to befriend him. It sounded so sweet that she couldn't resist. She has felt love before but NOTHING like this. They walked to the park and she shared her place of comfort. She bared her whole being; hoped he'd accept it. She fell... As she fell deeper, she became even more afraid. Afraid of what of what a love like this portrayed. The love overpowered her so quickly that she had no chance to escape. He promised things would be fine. She decided to trust. Yea, she made up her mind. 

She painted a picture of him on her heart. An impression that would last til death do they part... They shared & they laughed. They kissed and they cried. He promised he'd NEVER let their love die... So, here she is falling from grace as it seems. She answers the phone right on the last right. "Hello"? Her voice crackles and echoes through the room. He can hear in her voice that she will die at any moment. She rolls on her back and turns the speakerphone on. She too weak to hold it. Her life is almost gone. Her breathing becomes shallow. It's so quiet that she could hear him smile. She asks him why but he gives no response. It's almost as if this is what he wants. He has her heart and won't give it back. He stole it after he made love to her as she peacefully slept. How did she not know that it was missing all this time...? 

Just then, she hears it! Is this a trick.? The sweet song of his love plays louder and louder. She's hardly coherent but she knows he not near her. She loved him dearly and didn't want to live without him. This must be a memory. She'll never know, it's over. Her mind brings up the picture of him she painted. She smiles and a tear falls...the memory just faded. She dies.

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