Pain is Pleasure

I think I went too far this time. He’s pissed. Beyond pissed. 

Normally he doesn’t mind my casual flirting. But tonight? Tonight goes way past the level of me not giving a fuck. If looks could kill, I'd be casket sharp right now with my friends and family mourning the loss of their beloved. But fuck all that. He had it coming. He’s angrily pumping the gas. If he does it any rougher he’ll break the nozzle off in the tank of his pretty red Camaro. 

I had no words for him. Silence would be his fate from now until I felt like he deserved to hear me speak. I’m used to seeing him act a little jealous when we’re out, but the way he snatched me up out the club’s emergency exit doors after my stunt gave jealous a new meaning.

His semi-pro football team won their championship game last night, and tonight they’re having a celebratory party at the hottest club in town. They’ve rented out the spot for all of the teams in the league to enjoy good music and food, so naturally, the house was sure to be packed. This party was meant to be fun, but the night had different plans for us.

Matt got a little drunk at home after the game and fell asleep in the recliner with his phone in hand. It dropped on the floor, so I picked it up to put it on the charger. I’ve never gone through his phone, but a picture of a German Shepherd with a blonde wig and exposed breast was on the screen. The hoe was ugly. Purebred ugly. I set myself up for failure and read their flirtatious messages. She congratulated him on the championship, and then the bitch had the nerve to say she knows he has a woman, but still wants to catch his dick with her mouth like he caught the game-winning ball. The nerve of that trout-mouth flousy! 

I get a little jealous at times, but I don’t trip when females flirt with Matt I mean shit, he’s extremely attractive, successful, wealthy, & and intelligent. A regional bank manager, multi championship-winning semi-pro football player, & best-selling author. Hoes come with the territory. But of all of those who have tried, he has never taken them up on their offers. My heart dropped to my knees when I read his response — “Come to our party tomorrow. We have a private room where you can catch it however you want.” Scandalous ass nigga! I had planned to stay home to work on my next book idea. He actually encouraged me to go, knowing he planned on meeting up with her? Fine. Time to show this nigga that I won’t be made a fool of. 

“Mickey, are you ready? I want to be fashionably late, but damn girl. Let’s go!”

I walked down the stairs with the biggest smirk. I noticed the bulge in his pants grow bigger as he eyed me from head to toe. A red, mid-thigh, strapless number showed a little cleavage and perfectly hugged my curves. My long locs were gracefully pinned up, my skin glowed, and just the thought of my red lips between a man’s legs could make him explode. He was in awe. Exactly where I wanted him. 

“I just need five minutes. You don’t even need to take off the dress.”

I put on my jacket and playfully brushed past him and out the door. All eyes were on us when we walked into the party. I received stares from the players and the groupies. Normally I’d relish in the attention, but tonight my mind was on my game plan. I played my part as his arm candy, but my focus was on scanning the room for the canine in heat. I spotted her at the bar. A shot of dark liquor in her hand. I expected no less than her trashy attire. Skirt with her ass out and a sheer top that left her titties hanging on for dear life. Damn, she could at least be a classy hoe. 

We grabbed drinks before walking over to his teammates and their dates. Everyone exchanged pleasantries before the fellas excused themselves from us. I’m not one for small talk, but I was in a particularly good mood. Especially when Ms. Flousy joined us. She smiled politely and spoke. Everyone was polite, but you could tell they didn’t care for her. Charlotte, the quarterback’s wife looked her up and down and decided to cut into her. 

“So, who are you with?”

“Oh, I was invited by a friend.”

“Clearly. But which friend?”

Ms. Flousy could feel the tension, but the hoe had guts. She brushed her cheap weave behind her shoulder and smile at me.

“Just...a very good friend.”

It took everything in me to keep myself from cold-cocking this bitch. I interjected. Knowing she was referring to my man.

“Does this friend have a name?”

Saved by the damn bell. She looked at her phone as a text came through.

“Excuse me, ladies. I’m being summoned.”

The women shook their heads but continued their own conversation, confident that neither of their men was the friend she referred to. I downed my drink and excused myself, keeping my eye on Ms. Flousy. Matt was at the corner of the bar. He couldn’t see me, but I noticed him smile at her as she made her way to him. This nigga is something else. But I’m a mothafucka. 

I went to the DJ booth and requested Sevyn Streeter and Chris Brown’s “Guilty.” Perfect song to play for Matt to see his woman dancing with another man, right? I noticed the team’s center standing near a table at the rear of the club. I could tell that he was already really buzzed. He’s real cool with Matt, and single. Young. Very attractive. I always noticed him and his print at their practices, but I’d never flirt with Matt's teammates. Some people and things are out of bounds, especially the shit he’s trying to pull tonight. So again, he deserves this shit.

Trey noticed me walking toward him. He took a sip of his drink and checked his appearance. Without a word, I took his glass and downed his Tequila with one gulp. I seduced him with my eyes as I gently wiped my lips. 

“You ok? I know that put a little hair on your chest.”

“Don’t worry about me, baby. I got this.”

He could tell I was buzzed but didn’t seem to mind. The drink Matt bought me was enough to get me where I usually like to be, but the extra shot from Trey had me feeling just right. The club was loud and dark, so no one would notice my flirting with him unless they were looking for it.  

“It's Trey, right?"


"So, Trey, where's your date?”

I knew his fine ass was here alone. Just wanted to warm him up with a bit of small talk. 

“I usually stay to myself. I don’t bring chicks to parties like this, “cause I don’t want them to get the wrong impression.”

I glanced over at Matt and Ms. Flousy. Her cleavage in his face. Her hand on his thigh. He was eating that shit up. Flirting with Trey felt so wrong. But honestly, I really wanted to fuck him. I was angry and hurt, and Trey just happened to be in the right place at the right time. No one was watching us, so I could do what I wanted.

"What's the wrong impression?"

"Simply put? I'm single."

"Mmm. Enough said, Trey."

I placed my hand on his chest and stepped closer to him. He was nervous, but he didn't move.

"Are you enjoying yourself? Why aren't you with your teammates?"

"I've been with them all week. I just came to vibe and relax."

He enjoyed my flirting. The alcohol made him lower his reservations. I slid my hand from his chest down to his pants and grabbed a handful.

“Whoa,” he yelped, taking a step back toward the wall.

“Nervous?” I asked, smirking.

“Nah, just wondering where Matt is.”

“Do you see me worried about Matt? He’s...doing him. So, just relax and enjoy me.”

I moved in closer to him and placed my hand back on his dick. Massaging it. His reluctance faded. Watching and hearing him enjoy himself excited me. If I could have him in my bed right now, I’d lick all over his body and ride him til sunrise. I started dancing to the music. He turned me around and pressed himself against me. One arm around my waist, the other hand gently around my neck. His breath and lips on my neck made my panties wetter. His hand caressing my thigh. 

I continued dancing on Trey, but I could see Matt grabbing Ms. Flousy’s hand and walking her to the door that leads to the upper level of the club. Trey played with my nipples and ran his hand up my dress. His fingers slipped into my panties.

"Damn, girl. I wish I could be inside this."

"Maybe one day you will."

He felt my juices, pulled out his hand, and licked his fingers. My pussy was throbbing at this point. I wanted him bad, but I turned my gaze back toward Matt. He dropped her hand as he made eye contact with me. His eyes bloodshot red. I smiled, turned back to Trey, and kissed him. Thrusting my tongue down his throat as he placed his hand back into my panties to continue finger fucking me and massaging my clit. 

By the time I looked back over to Matt, he was halfway through the club, angrily pushing his way past the crowd. I made it to him before he could get close to Trey. Stopping him by placing my hands on his chest.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!”

“Probably about to catch the game-winning ball like your hoe was about to do upstairs with you.”

Caught off guard, he looked at me with defeat in his eyes. Fuming, but he couldn’t say shit. He grabbed me by my arm and snatched me out of the back door. He paced up and down the sidewalk. I stood there unbothered. After about five minutes, I headed to the car.

“Where the fuck you think you’re going?”

“Home. You can drive or I can get an Uber. Either way, I’m ready to go.”

I turned and headed towards the parking lot. He walked quickly past me. Matt always opened my door, no matter how upset he was with me. Tonight, he didn’t. I guess he’s big mad. I stared out the window the entire ride home. Those moments with Trey flooded my mind. I don’t really think I like him. I just needed the attention. An outlet. Watching Matt burn with anger both turned me on and satisfied my ego.  

He was as quiet as a church mouse the entire ride home. I was fine with it. Didn’t plan on speaking to him anyways. I was thinking of packing my shit and leaving him. We stopped for gas before making it home. He hopped out and walked around to my side to open the door. This man has to be bipolar. 

“Thank you,” I said, with a smirk and attitude. He watched my ass move in my red number as I walked up the steps to the front door.

“Yea, whatever. I got something for that ass.”

The silence continued. I grabbed a wine cooler out of the fridge and headed upstairs to undress and shower. Matt headed to the lounge to grab a drink. I wasn’t sure what would happen to my relationship after tonight. Honestly, I love Matt, but I was prepared for it to end. One thing about me is I will not be played. If I stay with a nigga who is on bullshit, I’ll be on bullshit. Sounds crazy, but hey, I’m a reciprocator. If the relationship ends, I won’t be the one looking like a fool. But I wonder what he meant by “I got something for that ass.”

After drying off, I rubbed myself down with my favorite scented shea butter and threw on my purple satin robe. A picture of us on our nightstand caught my attention. I knocked it on the floor. I turned on the TV to watch reruns of Martin, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before the TV began watching me. Tonight’s showing of my ass was exhausting. 

Suddenly, I felt a deep sensation that pulsated from between my thighs. I woke up to Matt giving me head. 

“Get off of me. I hate you!”

I tried to push him off of me. Well, not exactly. 

“I’m so sorry, baby.”

Tears fell from my eyes as I grabbed the sheets and moaned. I hated him just hours ago, but the feeling he was giving me overwhelmed that pain. Matt is like a machine when it comes to oral sex. I never have to position his head or tell him where to lick and suck. Every flick of his tongue propelled me closer to orgasmic satisfaction. He stopped and reached into the nightstand drawer. Out came a small box. This nigga bought a vibrator. 

He pulled my hands over my head and held my wrists down with one hand. Spreading my legs open and placing the vibrator on my clit with the other. He sucked my nipples as I squirmed beneath him. Moments later, I was ready to release.

"I'm about to cum!"

I squirted all over him, making a small puddle on the sheets. He released my hand and laid on top of me, positioning himself between my legs. 

“Get off of me, Matt. I want to go back to sleep.”

“Oh really?” He smirked.

“You think this shit is funny?”

“No, I don’t.”

He stared at me with loving eyes. It seemed as though all of the anger he felt about seeing me being finger fucked by Trey was gone. 

“I wanted to fuck Trey tonight”

He lifted himself up. Eyes widened.

“I wanted to see if his dick --”

He cut me off mid-sentence. Spreading my thighs wider, his dick head throbbing against the entrance of my pussy.

“If his dick what?” 

He stretched my arms out. I pretended to want to break free, but he held them down tighter. I sucked my teeth and turned my eyes away from him.

“If his dick what? If it feels like this?”

I was still dripping wet, so my juices softened the blow as he thrust himself inside me. I screamed out in pain, continuing to keep my eyes away from him.

“You let another nigga kiss you?”

He slid out and rammed inside me once more. My body shivered underneath his. It told him what my mouth wouldn’t say. I wanted him to fuck me into forgiveness. 

“You let that nigga touch what belongs to me? This pussy is mine.”

He sped up his stroke. I tried to hold in my screams, but the pleasure was written all over my face. I was enjoying every second. The way it felt when he entered me, made it hard to decide if what I was feeling was pleasure or plain. Either way, I didn’t want him to stop. My breathing deepened. He knew I was close to another climax. 

“Nah, you ain’t gettin’ off that easy.”

He slowly slid his swollen shaft out of me and flipped me over to my favorite position. Flat on my stomach with my ass tooted up. He placed my wrists above my head and placed his sweat-covered body on top of mine, teasing me by fingering me. 

“Just put it in.”

He laughed.

“Oh, you want this dick, huh?”

All I could do was moan in agreement.

“Tell me you want this dick. Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

“I want it slow and deep.”

He climbed back on top of me and plunged deep. My heart was hurting, but my body was craving more of him. 

“Spread these thick ass thighs.”

I happily obliged. I opened myself up to him. Needing to feel every centimeter. Matt pleasured my body the way no other man had been able to. I gripped and bit the pillow as his dick plummeted to the bottom of my pussy. I tightened my walls around it.

“Damn, this shit is tight. I’ve never felt you this wet before.”

I guess those kegel exercises have been working. He placed his hand around my neck and gently tightened. I love to be choked a bit when we’re fucking. It makes the orgasm ten times better. 

He fucked me with the fury of five men.

“I love you girl. You better never let another nigga touch you.”

“Ok, baby.” I moaned as his stroke intensified. 

I gripped the pillow tighter. His hand tightened around my neck. 

“Faster,” I yelped. 

“This is the only dick you need, right?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

I threw my ass back as he pounded inside me. I closed my eyes, ready to climax. But it was Trey’s face I saw. His lips I felt on my neck. His voice telling me that my pussy belongs to him. His dick I imagined pulsating inside me as we exploded together. Matt is also the only man I've ever let cum inside of me. Birth control is a beautiful thing. He climbed off of me and rolled me over to face him. My thighs shook. My pussy throbbed. 

“I love you, and I’m sorry. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. I never want to lose you.”

He kissed me passionately and rolled over to go to sleep. I rolled over to my side of the bed. Thoughts of fucking Trey flooded my mind.

“It’s too late,” I whispered to myself.


This beautiful artwork is by Justin Copeland. Click on the art to visit his site and purchase a piece.

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